What Does a Python Developer Do?

Aditya Kapre
3 min readSep 7, 2021

Python is one of the most scalable programming languages, and a Python developer has an exciting and versatile work life. The vast and growing application of data science in business and other spheres of life has increased the demand for python developers.

Some of the fields where machine learning and artificial intelligence, and thus python programming, are being applied widely include education, finance, social sciences, and healthcare. The diversity of these fields shows that there are many things a python programmer can do. These developers work closely with the professionals who engage in data collection and analysis.

The needs of a developer’s employer ultimately determine what a specific python developer will be doing, but the following are some of the roles in general.

i. Web Development

Python developers who engage in web development are mainly in the back-end, also known as server-side development. They develop the layout and focus on the management of the web from the server side. Some of them may have improved their capacities to become full-stack developers, but python is primed for the back-end. A python developer’s other responsibilities while working as a web developer include making frequent updates of the site and uploading fresh content. A web developer needs to work in a team and communicate effectively because they have to liaise with the management and other developers.

ii. Python Development

This job is whereby the programmer develops a platform for the server to enable it to deploy applications to the workstations. The developer, therefore, has the responsibility to create the kinds of applications that the business needs. Often, a python developer has to collaborate with front-end developers to integrate both teams’ work.

iii. Software Engineering

As a software engineer, python falls in the ambit of your skills. Besides coding, it is your job to debug programs written by other developers and improve them. You will also need to maintain the programs in question and improve them as necessary. As software engineers Aditya Kapre of Shrewsbury, Ma and colleagues of similar training, need to develop applications for whatever their employer deal with. It could be a bespoke program for statistical analysis, programs for smart home devices, etc.

iv. Data Analysis

The job of a data analyst is to collect and organize data. They then analyze it and present it in a manner it can be understood and acted upon. They give summaries, deductions, and insights to decision-makers. When a data analyst is trained in python, they analyze the data using python libraries. They also use the tools available in python to analyze datasets and create visuals to present data meaningfully.

v. Machine Learning Engineering

Python programming is one of the skills you need to work as a machine learning engineer. This work goes beyond data analysis. In this field, you analyze data and also develop algorithms that can be used for Artificial intelligence. As an engineer in this area, you will be responsible for changing theoretical models to usable models.



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